Google Adsense Program Policy. (Click, Impressions, encouraging Clicks)

Assalamu Waalikum,

how are you all? I hope you are good. Now i will discuss about Google AdSense program policy(Click, Impressions, encouraging Clicks). Hopefully, you can do some good. So let’s start ……

We know that if you apply to Google Adsense, then you have to comply with some rules. Again, how to add ads to your site, you have to accept some rules. Today I will discuss something that many of you know, and the new ones thats do not. This is my effort to give you something. Let’s start talking … …

Invalid clicks and impressions

Publishers will not be able to click on their own ads and can not increase the Impressions of their site. It has strictly forbidden to Clicks your own ads.Google ads must come through real user interest. It is prohibited to repeatedly click on your own ads or use Impression, Automated Click, Impression Generating Tools, Robots or False Software. Even if you want to check whether your site is okay with advertising and for that you click on the ad also strictly prohibits it.

Encourage others to click

Publishers will not be able to encourage others to click on their ads, encourage them by using cheating methods. There is also more that you can not deal with others to see ads or to search. Photos can not be signed with third party to place this in the side of google ads.

In order to ensure a good experience for users and advertisers, the issues of publishers are contraindicated:

* To view advertisements or to search or deal with third parties.

* Encouraging click on Google ads such as click on add, support us, visit this link or use this type of language.

* Attract users’ attention with arrow keys or flashy graphics.

* Provide a misleading picture with advertisements.

* Advertise with a floating box.

* Arrange ads so that the posts can not be separated.

* Setting confusing labels above Google ads. For example, sponsored links or advertisers, today’s top offer, favorite sites.

Hopefully you will be benefited a little bit.

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