Google AdSense program policies. (Prohibited content)

Assalamu Waalikum,

how are you all? I hope you are good. Now i will discuss about Google Adsense program Policy(Prohibited content). Today’s discussion about the things that Google AdSense does not support. Hopefully, you can do some good. So let’s get started ……..

1. Adult content: Ad can not be placed on any site containing adult content or pornography. And if you put the search box on these sites, you will not even get Adsense.

2. Dangerous or derogatory content: Google advertisement content can not be placed on pages that contain dangerous or insulting content. Such as creating threats, frustrations for the loss of ourselves or others, threatening or inciting persons or groups, raising hatred on the basis of race or ethnic origin, discrimination campaign, religion, disability, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or Other features that make the system discriminate.

3. Recreational Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia: Google does not want anything that can harm anyone. So Google ads can not be placed on a page that changes the mental state or sells or promotes recreational drugs or drug related content. Alcohol, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, marijuana, mephridron etc. Recreational pipe, bong, cannabis coffee shop etc.

4. Tobacco content: You can not place Google ads on tobacco and tobacco products pages, including cigarettes, cigars, tobacco pipes and rolling papers.

5. Healthcare related content: Ad can not be placed on these pages to comply with the local laws regarding the promotion of healthcare and medicines. Such as the sale of prescription medicines, online pharmacies, sale of unauthorized medicines, sale of herbal ingredients with dangerous ingredients, etc.

6. Hacking and cracking content: Ads can not be placed on the page to promote hacking or cracking. Because they provide unauthorized access to software, servers or websites.

7. Those who offer exchange (money): Google ads can not be placed on a page that promotes users’ money to click on ads, surf the web, read emails or do similar jobs. Advertising on such pages may result in invalid impressions and may be banned.

8. Wrong content presentation: Ads can not be placed on any page that is distracting users by users. Where the primary purpose is missing, wrong or concealed.

9. Fierce content: Ad can not be placed on pages containing harmful images such as bloodshed, war scenes and terrible or accidents. Of course, publishers are responsible for this.

10. Weapons: Ads can not be placed on this page related to ammunition, guns, hardware, pistols, rifles, Bibi guns, sports guns, air guns, stun guns etc.

11. Content that is done in a dishonest way: To create fake or false documents such as passports, diplomas, accreditation, for the promotion of fake or false identities, marketing materials, paper-writing or testing, sale or distribution of information, information or products for testing etc. Ads can not be placed on those pages.

12. Illegal content: Google ads can not be placed on any page that promotes illegal, illegal activity, violates the legal rights of others. Those who sell counterfeit goods with trade marks and brand name can not be placed on these pages.

Hopefully you will be benefited a little bit.

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