Before applying to the Google AdSense program, you should keep in mind the website’s contents. (Mega)

Assalamu Waalikum,

How are you all? I hope you are good. Today I talked about important topics. Today’s discussion about the topics you need to keep in mind before applying to the Google AdSense program. Many of people are try to get adsense but do not success. I will show here how to approve/qualify adsense account with blogger/wordpress. in this tutorial i will show how you earn money from google just keep something in mind. Hopefully, you can do some good. So let’s get started ……..

There are two types of Google AdSense accounts.

1. Hosted Google Adsense

2. Non-hosted Google AdSense or fully approved AdSense

Hosted AdSense means that you are offering free hosting and domain and using it, you can share your posts or videos with no cost at all. The AdSense ads you use by using these methods are hosted adsense. However, remember that these sites will be the partner of Google Adsense. In case of Hosted, the income you make will be divided into three parts (the percentage of each part will be different). One will get Google, another will get the provider and finally you will get it. Some examples of Hosted: Youtube, Blogger, free WordPress etc.

And non-hosted AdSense means domain and hosting of your own purchase and its full control in your hands. There is no third party affiliation. So through these sites income will be more. Only a part of Google will take and rest of the part is yours.

Now let’s discuss it before applying to AdSense to check the issues of your site …

1. Pages type / blog designs: Think you have designed the site with all the colors of the world. Whenever the visitor will visit, then he can not join after looking at the combination of so many colors. This will reduce the visitor and may not be able to get AdSense Approval for underdeveloped site design.

2. The site is designed to comply with the Google AdSense policy or not. If not then you can not get the Approval if you have no content, copy paste content, no organic traffic.

3. Must have enough post before applying at AdSense. In my opinion, at least 40+ posts should be applied after posting.

4. Responsive Design: It would be better to respond to the theme / layout of your site. Because if you can give a professional look, the visitor will be long on your site. By doing this you will get more bounce rates. Which plays an important role in site ranking.

5. Domains Age: The more the age of the domain will be easy to get approve. Because Google understands that the site will be permanent in the future. Experts say that in the developed countries, should not apply minimums 45 days before and in underdeveloped at least 3 months before.

6. High quality content: The better content, the more people know it.

7. Your site must have About, Contact Us, Privacy policy pages. This is one of the conditions Google’s. There are different sites for auto-creating. You can make it from there.

8. Create a good quality XML sitemap. This is very useful for webmaster tools. Google index is easy to complete. You can do this with various plugins in WordPress (like Yoast) and blogger.

9. If your site is inserted in other ad networks, remove it quickly. These are not Google’s approbation.

10. It is good to have an email ID in conformity with the domain. Not to be.

11. Very good to implement Google Analytics code. The site is more trustworthy with Google and more than the approval of the site.

12. Adult content is not supported.

Hopefully, after checking them, you will get approval in a few days.


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