Make your Laptop(any Windows) WiFi hotspot without any software.

How are you all Guys? I hope you are good. Today I will show you how to make a laptop (Windows 7,8,10) wifi hotspot without any internet sharing software. So let’s start……

Hotspot is share internet via WiFi adapter in a specific range. The laptop has two types of network adapter. For a LAN connection and the other is the WiFi receiver. WiFi adapters are now available in the market for desktop computers. This WiFi adapter is used in both types of receiver and hotspot. So let’s go to the main task… Oh!! another thing, the virtual adapter will do this things by Microsoft Virtual WIFI Miniport Adapter. First of all, this adapter must be enabled by netsh (full meaning network shell, which is used for network management and configurations) through the command.

At first open cmd(command line) and run it as Administrator. Then the command prompt will open. Next command will be as follows …

1. C:\ Users\ Administrator> netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow [via this command we encrypt the Microsoft Virtual WIFI Miniport Adapter]

2. C:\ Users \Administrator> netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = tech4bd key = tech4bd123 [here you want to name your wifi on ssid and give password to key]

3. C: \ Users \ Administrator> netsh wlan start hostednetwork [This command sets the configuration you have restarted and restarted]

Now if you go to a local area connection, you will see the virtual adapter showing identifying. All you have to do now is to share the broadband(LAN)/modem connection. For this, you have to go to the properties of LAN adapter which has an Internet connection and then go to the right side of the networking tab. Now fill the options like the image below.


Here, instead of Home Networking Connection, there will be a Microsoft Virtual WIFI Miniport Adapter and tick the connection.
N.B. Please comment and give your feedback. Your feedback will help me move forward. Thank you all.


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